Pre-Exchange Naomi (on a good day)


Hi everyone.  I’ve created a new blog on wordpress because I don’t like blogspot.  I’m going to Brazil in just over 40 days now and I can’t wait to leave.   I want to thank my aunt for making this happen, grazie Zia Mariuccia per l’aiuto!  As well as to AFS and my sponsors for rewarding me with the Global Leaders Scholarship, it helps a lot!

I’ve done everything to prepare and gotten my placement which is in Ouro Branco (it means white gold in Portuguese), Minas Gerais.   The state of Minas Gerais is in the Southeast of Brazil, about 6 hours inland from Espirito Santo and 5 hours inland from Rio.  Even though there is no beach, there are plenty of waterfalls, hills, and lakes; it’s a great place for enjoying the preserved natural world and experiencing antique, colonial Brazilian cities.  About 40 minutes away from Ouro Branco is the oldest Portuguese city of the Southeast if I am not mistaken, Ouro Preto(Black Gold).  From the photos I’ve seen of Ouro Preto, I’ve just fallen more and more in love with the Brazilian State I was once very unfamiliar with.  I didn’t want to go to the South of Brazil (Santa Caterina and lower) because it had too much European influence.  Even though Minas Gerais is heavily influenced by the Portuguese in their architecture and lifestyle, I get the sense that I’m still going to feel like I’m in Brazil which makes me really happy.

My host family looks wonderful and I can’t wait to meet them!  I’m ready to live the best year of my entire life because this year has just been really stressful, causing me health difficulties and anxiety.  But it’s soon coming to an end, as I have nearly all of my credits necessary to graduate.  Since I’ll be in a town with about 35.000 people, I won’t have to worry about the daily struggles in a city and will finally know what it’s like to know everyone in a town.  If I were to go to a huge city like Sao Paulo, I would probably not be able to handle the stress.  So far, this is all the information I’ve gotten, but time will pass quickly and pretty soon I’ll be blogging about the mad parties and barbecues I’ll be going to in Brazil.

Overall, I’m always in a good mood when I’m thinking about Brazil- I have so much to look forward to, and so much to catch up with since I’ve pretty much aged mentally 30 years this year.  I’m ready to act like I’m 17… a Brazilian 17 year old. 😉


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