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I just want to share something (again) which I said in my previous blog post: “I ate so much even though I was sick. I can’t wait to eat it again however, I think that won’t be until at least a few months because feijoada is pretty heavy and fattening.” Guess what I ate today? […]

So my exchange started with a weekend to Belo Horizonte and a farewell party with teenagers my age acting like, well, Brazilians teenagers. And now, my exchange has slowed down a bit. I guess it’s because I arrived at the end of the 2 week ferias (vacation) and they were still in the ferias-party mode. […]

This weekend was pretty much dedicated to visiting old friends of my host family, celebrating my host sister’s friend’s birthday 3 days in a row, and saying goodbye to the 2 outbound exchange students in Ouro Branco who are going to Belgium for a year. So starting on Tuesday, Davis, a good friend of Tatiane […]

Since I went to school today a little bit deprived of sleep, I think the classmates were even more at the advantage of picking on me, but not in a bad way.  After sitting through my Portuguese literature and language class, the chemistry teacher didn’t show up to his job (apparently this is common for […]

I arrived here yesterday in the morning after running with my heavy luggage and carry on in 2 airports.  I can’t say the organization of the travel was so great but at least I’ve arrived without being left behind or losing anything 🙂  The oreintation in Miami was great though and I am sad to […]