to no brasil agora!


I arrived here yesterday in the morning after running with my heavy luggage and carry on in 2 airports.  I can’t say the organization of the travel was so great but at least I’ve arrived without being left behind or losing anything 🙂  The oreintation in Miami was great though and I am sad to be far away from the other Americans going to Brazil.  Martin(the blond) is going to Rio, Robert is going to Salvador de Bahia, Christopher is going to Porto Alegre, and the other girl, Joelle, is going to Varginhas in my state but it’s still very far from my host town. As soon as I arrived, I ate Brazilian sushi in Belo Horizonte with my host family.  The sushi is really different from that of in the States, but it’s really good!! Especially because I really like mayonnaise, as Brazilian people do.  After driving on the famous Mineiro roads for an hour and a half, I arrived to my small town of Ouro Branco.  Until today, I had only seen the main avenue and neighborhoods of Ouro Branco.  Today I discovered the town of Ouro Branco which is actually quite big!  There are a lot a lot of bars and so I guess you can figure that I’ve already drank since I’ve been here.  I’m actually just coming from a concert with my neighbors that was happening here and I had my first caipirinha which was good 🙂  The concert was really nice because I saw all of the people of the city… it’s really vibrant for a such a small city. Minas is reallly good for food too and I’m almost 1000000% sure that I’m going to come back to the USA fat. It’s worth it though!!

I promise to put pictures once the wireless connection works again!! Right now it’s kinda slow sooo ate mais e boa noite!!


2 Responses to “to no brasil agora!”

  1. Sounds like you’re having an awesome time already 🙂 It also sounds SOSO beautiful!

  2. 2 Ambra

    Hey where you disappeared to??

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