There’s always an excuse to party


This weekend was pretty much dedicated to visiting old friends of my host family, celebrating my host sister’s friend’s birthday 3 days in a row, and saying goodbye to the 2 outbound exchange students in Ouro Branco who are going to Belgium for a year.

So starting on Tuesday, Davis, a good friend of Tatiane who lives in Vitoria came and her whole entire group of friends wanted to celebrate.  My host brother, Joao, who also lives in Vitoria, came for the weekend and we had a huge barbeque with really good sausage and meat (which I am starting to eat again).  Mendel, the craziest friend of my host sister had his birthday on Thursday but he decided to start celebrating it on Wednesday.  Wednesday we ate really good Japanese food in Lafaiete. Thursday we went to a Republica (Residence Hall) in the University of Ouro Preto which always has a party. I really like Ouro Preto and I wanna go there during the day, it’s a really charming city!! Friday he (not me) went to the Chiclete com Banana concert and arrived at 8 am in the morning, and yesterday we had a churrasco lasting until 4 AM in the morning.  I left early from the churrasco to go to my neighbors farewell party.  I met a lot of people my age who all went to the same school and made some new friends who really took a liking to me and hopefully next weekend we will see each other again.

Today was an easy day and I didn’t do much because everything is pretty much closed on Sundays here.  Especially in a small town, you can imagine how dead it is.

Tomorrow I have to go to BH to get my Federal ID card and I hope they won’t say anything to me because I’m missing my legalized birth certificate (it was a complicated process as I was born abroad).  I’m going to sleep soon so boa noite!

The farewell party- boa gente!!

Mendel’s Republica Party


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