When nothing’s really going on


So my exchange started with a weekend to Belo Horizonte and a farewell party with teenagers my age acting like, well, Brazilians teenagers. And now, my exchange has slowed down a bit. I guess it’s because I arrived at the end of the 2 week ferias (vacation) and they were still in the ferias-party mode. Now, my classmates are studying and getting back into their daily routine which means I must adjust to their daily routines as well. My weekdays go like this: wake up at 6 am, go to Lafaiete (20km away) for 7. Go to school until 12:20 with one breakfast break at 9:30. Come home at around 1, go eat a huge lunch (rice, beans, cove, and some sort of meat/sausage/chicken EVEEEEEEEERY DAY), go to Icbeu(the English school my host sister teaches at). Do homework, read a book, listen to music, help the kids with English, practice conversational English with the adult classes. Leave Icbeu at 9. So, it really gets interesting only on the weekends. Last weekend was a bad one for me except for Saturday afternoon when Tatiane’s friend from Vitoria, Davis picked me up to eat reallly good feijoada with his family. I ate so much even though I was sick. I can’t wait to eat it again however, I think that won’t be until at least a few months because feijoada is pretty heavy and fattening.  I’m trying to take it easy; I prefer my clothes to most of the clothes here.
I’ve been in school for a month but I’m still having trouble speaking Portuguese although I understand about 75% of it. School is different though. I’ve never done Physics in America so I’m probably going to get slammed on the exams. Chemistry, Biology/Anatomy, Geography, etc. are all pretty hard to understand in Portuguese too. I’m really trying to learn Portuguese and all of the students are trying to learn English so it works out. None of them speak English well though, so my brain is fried at the end of the 5 hour school day (yes, 5 hours).
Last weekend I was sick so I stayed in bed for 4 days. I had bronchitis and I didn’t even take antibiotics. I went to a Brazilian doctor for the first time and she told me to inhale the vapor of eucalyptus. I’ve done that for 3 nights in a row and I’m good as new 🙂 The doctors office in Ouro Branco was interesting to visit. And I’m not used to seeing people just walk in and not pay anything for the doctor, wooo cultureshock. kkkkkkkkkk
So far, I’ve only been called a gringa once. I’ve been here 27 days- I’d think that’s a serious accomplishment. Otherwise, everyone thinks that I am Brasileira. Muito legal, neh?

Just because I forgot to show you photos from my weekend in Belo Horizonte:Me eating Brigadeiro (condensed milk and chocolate) in Belo Horizonte. FAT!! kkk

Minas Gerais não tem mar, então iremos ao bar!My host-cousin! kkkkkkkkk

Host cousin and aunt in Bh

The 2 kids from Ouro Branco that left for Belgium


4 Responses to “When nothing’s really going on”

  1. 1 Francesco

    Sapevo che la cucina brasileira non e’ molto varia ma tutti i giorni la stessa cosa…???
    Non c’e’ il bacalao? Insomma, tanto per cambiare….Se ho ben capito, il medico ti ha curato la bronchite solo con le foglie di eucalipto…e non ti ha fatto pagare niente? Wow! Portalo con te quando torni in America.
    Se gia’ riesci a capire il 75% della lingua locale, mi sembra un buon risultato. Vuol dire che conoscere quel poco di italiano e francese ti aiuta un po’ e fra 1-2 mesi dovresti essere gia’ abbastanza fluente anche nel parlarlo. Sono certo che i tuoi insegnanti a scuola siano pazienti con te come tu dovresti esserlo con i compagni che studiano inglese.
    Quando comincerai a sentire la ‘saudade’, vorra’ dire che avrai ben assimilato la cultura brasileira.

  2. 2 Ambra

    COOOOL, the eucalyptus steam worked!!

  3. 3 kay


    You look like you’re well inserted in the Brazilian lifestyle! If you understand 75% of the language, you are doing real well. Speaking it will come easy soon.

  4. 4 Irving Thomas

    HELLO COUSIN! I was so inspired by your decision to travel to Brazil I had to write! I have an international background and I STILL was impressed with your life vision! (Your grandparents sent us a bunch of stuff) 🙂 I’m going to let my daughter read all about you and your experiences in Brazil. I just wanted to make contact for now. Hope your having the GREATEST time there!!!

    Will write again soon!

    Your favorite cousin Irving! 🙂

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