In case you didn’t know, Brazil has a lot of holidays.  Last Tuesday was Brazilian Independence Day so that meant a 4 day weekend.  Students still take the rest of the week off because it doesn’t make much sense (to them) to go to school for only three days.  It doesn’t apply to me anyway, because I am switching schools.  My original school was about 20 km away so it makes more sense if I just go to school in Ouro Branco.  I have mixed feelings about the transfer.

Friday night was the birthday of my host sister’s best friend, Luana. We went to BH and stayed with their friend, Marcela.  She has a beautiful apartment in a nice neighborhood in Belo Horizonte.  Belo Horizonte is probably my favorite big city in Brazil- it reminds me of San Francisco.  Marcela’s husband is an important man in the bar/club business so they tried to get me into a night club but it wouldn’t work.  So I stayed in the apartment with the cute shitzu, Fluffy.


The Dog, fluffy

Me and Luana (dressed up to go nowhere, really, lol)

Belo Horizonte- I want an apartment here!!

Driving back to Ouro Branco with Fluffy

I went to a new choperia (bar/restaurant) on Sunday and on Monday, I went to a concert of Axé Bahia “artist” Tomate.
I don’t want to turn you off from Brazilian culture, people, music, nightlife, etc.  But I’m going to tell it like it is- I felt like I was in the red light district in Thailand.  It seemed to me that the guys go there to break their records of how many people they kiss in one night.  I became appreciative of the nasty lawsuits people make in the States for once.  The men are without shame, of all ages, from 12 to 50 touching any attractive girl’s hair, body, arms, face, etc.  They are the most boldfaced men I have ever encountered in my life, and I thought I would never encounter a race of men worse than Trinis.  They grab your head, forcing you to kiss them, they put their face in yours, grab your arm really tightly, say the stupidest pick-up lines I’ve ever heard- all for kissing a girl they probably won’t see or talk to ever again.  Guys are retarded.

The 2 girls I went with from my town and I became tired of the crowd and we left “early.”  Most people went on until 8-9 in the morning, but we left a 4 🙂

Other than that horrible experience-which was good for me to experience- I didn’t do much for the rest of the holiday.  On my Portuguese, let me say I had to show all of the Brazilian guys my Florida ID to prove I was American because they didn’t believe me when I was speaking Portuguese.


5 Responses to “Feriado”

  1. 1 Ambra

    Trinis!!! LMAO
    Right on with the portuguese!
    Luv you sis 🙂

  2. 2 kay

    Told ya you should learn Capoeira. And hope for you they don’t have bad breath!

  3. 3 naomi

    Don’t worry, i am not into kissing guys with the saliva of 10 other girls in their mouth.

  4. 4 Andrea

    I am soo jealous about all the days off. Denmark has like, oh let me see, none. And I’d heard that about Brazil, and it sounds a little…meh. Brazil was my third choice, and people warned me about how pushy Brazilian boys can be. Sounds like you’re handling it well though 🙂 And awesome job with the Portuguese! Wish my danish was half as good ; P

    ps this is Andrea from CS, if you’re wondering who I am XD

    aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha!@#!@

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