AFS Orientation- meeting the other exchangers!!


So yesterday was the end of the Arrival Orientation for all of the exchange students in Minas Gerais and I miss them, they’re some really great people.

All of the exchange students arrived to Ouro Branco from different cities around Minas Gerais including Varginha, Patos de Minas, Capelinha, Belo Horizonte, and Montes Claros.  On Friday night, we all went out and all of us immediately connected.  Since I’m the only exchange student in Ouro Branco, it was so refreshing to meet other students going through the same thing as I’m going through.

After going through the AFS orientation on Satuday, which really was just a discussion about our experience in Brazil, about its culture, etc. so far, we went out to another choperia and we were drinking some caipirinhas this time. 🙂  All of the Germans, Belgians, Italians, the other American girl, and the one French boy are so much fun.  I got to practice my Italian and made some really good friends I know will be important for the rest of my experience here in Brazil, and in my life.

Sunday, everyone left but I’m already planning a trip to go to BH to visit the Belgian and the Germans who are placed there!

Friday night at a choperia with some of the intercambistos.

Saturday night out with the intercambistos.
Left to Right: Giulia from Italy, Ana from Germnany, Joelle from Utah, Henrike from Germany, Lisi from Germany, Me, and Gianfranco from Italy.

During Orientation.
L to R: Saco (top- he kind of looks like Leonardo di Caprio lol) , Hendrik from Germany, Me, Joelle, Elie from France, Ana, and Giulia.

@ the choperia Friday night.
Saco from Belgium Flanders, me, Giulia.

Before they all left 😦


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