Becoming more Brazilian and less gringa


I’ve been in Brazil for over 9 weeks now, but the relationships I have here make me feel like I’ve been here for years.  I have good friends, a good host family who I can act dorky around (and my real family knows just how dorky I can be).  And although some people call me retarded, it’s with a good vibe and everyone here more or less understands my humor.

I now know how to get around Ouro Branco as if I were a local.  My Portuguese is becoming better every day-when I’m not feeling lazy.  I can successfully get around with transportation to other cities and order food (or drinks 😉 ) in a restaurant or bar. I can walk in tall, crazy Brazilian heels without falling everywhere. And I’m beginning to like Brazilian country music (sertanejo) which is strange because in the US, I couldn’t have been caught dead listening to American country music.

I love and really appreciate my placement in Minas Gerais.  After visiting São Paulo to take the SAT, I’ve realized why Mineiros are famous for being so wholesome and overall a good people.   It’s only here that people I hardly know invite me to their house to eat good, hearty, Brazilian food.  Homesickness quickly drew by me because the people here have really big hearts, like me.  🙂  Of course I miss my family, friends, and dog,  but my exchange is worth all of the hard work I put into making it happen last year.  A lot of other exchange students say that the first 3 months are usually miserable since it’s the adapting period, but I haven’t really felt totally miserable since I’ve arrived here, at all.

By the way, I’ve lost 2 kilos while the German exchange students have all gained 4-8 kilos in the 2 months we’ve been here.  I’m doing something right!

Just letting everyone know I’m fine since my father was asking me to update my blog.  I’m probably going to go to sleep right now as I’m still tired from the 6-day festival that was here in Ouro Branco.  And I only went 4 out of the 6 days. 😀

An English teacher who invited me to her house to eat really good food in Con. Lafaiete

The “Christ statue” in Lafaiete.  One day, I will see the real one..

Jumping into photos @ fraternity parties in Ouro Branco,  🙂


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