When it rains, it rains the whole month.


November is supposedly the rainiest month of the year.  Here in Ouro Branco, after the rain, it becomes pretty cold.  But everything is becoming green again, taking away the depressing atmosphere you’d usually see in a big city or somewhere with little nature left if it were to rain for 19. days. straight.

This is my last week of school.  Next week everyone has to take their final exams and then soon after, summer will be here again.. just for me. 🙂  I can’t really study the material like a normal student nor am I expected to take the tests and study the material like a normal student because it’s only my first semester.  However, when school starts again in February and I have all of my books, I’m going to have to receive good grades for the sake of the AFS program.  No more being a lazy student.

I spent the 4 day weekend last week in Guarapari, a little beach town in the state of Espirito Santo.  To my luck, it rained since we arrived and the sun came out 2 days after we left.  I had a good time, regardless.  I ate “Mexican food” (it was close enough), something I’ve been craving for the longest time, and some really good lobster, something I’ve also craved.  When I stepped on the scale after 4 days of vacation, I had gained 5 kilos.
Since then, I’ve dieted and managed to lose most of the weight but I still must continue to diet until my holiday in Rio which is slowly approaching.


Me & my AFS President.
I don’t know which motivated me more to stop eating, being called “puffy” by my Dad and my grandparents or not fitting into my favorite jeans.

Why exchange students gain lots of weight in Brazil.

I found Nappy’s twin.  He’s too cute to be stray.



One Response to “When it rains, it rains the whole month.”

  1. 1 Daniel BOUCHOUT

    Merci pour ton carnet de voyage, pour tes nouvelles et les photos !!! bon séjour dans le pays de la pluie… temporairement.
    Bien à toi.
    Daniel le Papy d’Adrian.

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