the day I attempted to cook.


Satisfying the Brazilian palate isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.
I am on summer vacation as of yesterday.  So this morning I woke up, not wanting to eat beans and rice for the 125th day in a row (but I still like beans and rice).  I decided to cook summer pasta that my mom taught me how to make which is really simple.  I wasn’t satisfied with the result but my entire family liked it, unless they were lying.  😀 haha

My mom would be happy to hear I cooked for 6 people on my own.  I love to eat but I’m lazy to cook.  So being here in Brazil during summer vacations is teaching me things I would have never learned had I stayed in Orlando for my senior year.


What should I try next?? Cocovan?? Escargot?? 😀


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