Visiting E.T. In Varginha


I visited Varginha which is pretty much the equivalent to the Roswell, New Mexico of Brazil. It’s located in the southeastern region of Minas and has just a population of approximately 120,000 people.  It’s “famous” for UFO sightings but I really think it’s all a lie to draw tourists to the city.

I wasn’t visiting Varginha because of the “UFO” sightings.  I went there to visit the other American exchange student, Joelle, who was doing a semester program and therefore was graduating since the academic year ends in December.  The formatura (graduation party) was huge with a lot of good finger food and live music.

Joelle’s host brother

I was also able to meet up with the Italian exchange student (Gianfranco), the 2 German girls, and the French exchange student who all are hosted in Varginha. I ate acai, the best berry in the world.  We shopped, since I don’t have a real mall here in my host town, and we went to a barbeque at the German girl, Lisi’s, host family’s house with some of her Brazilian classmates and all of the exchange students.  It was a good weekend in the interior of Minas.  The accent is pretty ugly though, in my opinion.  They speak Portuguese with a heavy English R.

Joelle and Gianfranco

so life in Varginha revolves around acai, pretty much.

My camera was stolen in Varginha, unfortunately.  So right now all I have is my instant polaroid camera.  I’ll probably start scanning the polaroids to upload onto my blog from now on.


Oh, and I was accepted to NYU class of 2015!  I’m going to NYC next fall.  🙂


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