I found gold in Ouro Preto


Since last month, many things have happened.  I’ve switched families, I now live with my biology professor and her daughter, traveled to Sao Geraldo, a town of 10,000 people that still has people who travel by horses and carriages, and started school again, actually having to do the work.

I moved to the Fagundes’ house about 4weeks ago and have caught up on lots of things I should have done the first 6 months of my exchange.  I hiked up the mountain range that Ouro Branco is known for, eaten tradition Mineiro food in little neighboring cities such as Itatiaia, Itavera, and Ouro Preto, and am heading to Cabo Frio for Carnaval next Friday.  I’m excited to see the beach, not too excited to be around drunk people for an entire weekend but that’s okay!

This is Cabo Frio in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where I’ll be spending Carnaval… I’ll let you know how accurate the photo is 😉

Before Carnaval, there are tons of parties to prep up for actual Carnaval.  The most common Carnaval music that’s called Axe, is being heard 24/7.  However, also the more “favelada” or ghetto music that is probably the equivalent to Reggaeton in the States is commonly heard in my little host town.  I really like the “favelada” music 🙂  Even though the people here in Ouro Branco are rather well to do, they still drink and act like modest, humble Brazilians.  Maybe that’s just how Mineiro’s are…


an example of funk that was created in the favelas of Rio.

In Ouro Preto, I went in a cave that was used for mining during the era of slavery.  There is still lots of gold in there- I kept some of it however, I don’t think it will be worth anything when I go back to the US..

pieces of gold…

My host family


The waterfall inside the mine.


A church in Ouro Preto.  Me & my host sister Veronica.


2 Responses to “I found gold in Ouro Preto”

  1. 1 Dad

    Hi Naomi and Veronica, I see you have clicked and you look like best friends now.
    I also saw the picture of all members of the Fagunde’s family. Please extend my best wishes and thanks to them for being such nice host to Naomi and tell them to let me know if she does not behave as she is supposed to…
    Hey girls, I see you are having a good and educational time visiting the gold mines and the oldest towns of Brazil founded by the Portuguese about 400 years ago.
    Zia Mariuccia was in Ouro Preto many years ago with her late husband and she told me that she stood in front of the stairs to the same church probably the same that is in your picture. The Portuguese being Catholics, I guess there must be several churches in Ouro Preto.
    The picture of Cabo Frio’s beach looks very nice and I am sure you will have the time of your life during Carnaval. I am sure it will not be as chaotic and …risky as in Rio, but make sure you are very careful and follow the grown ups’ advice. Make sure you don’t hang around drunk people and don’t get drunk yourselves. I know Naomi loves Caipirinha, as I do, but it can be treacherous if you let it flow too much…
    Naomi, you should be able to stay in touch on Skype from there.
    Have fun with responsiblity…

  2. 2 kay

    This is one of the best experiences you will ever have, so enjoy your stay as much as possible. Hope you’ve collected a lot of photos so you’ll be able to write to one of the travel magazines!! I’m sure it would be published, it’s sooo interesting!

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