Pre-Carnaval Ouro Branco


Last weekend I spent Pre-Carnaval here in my host town with a friend.  My host family left for Sao Geraldo because of a loss in the family (the grandfather) who was suffering and sick.  I had already gone there to see the corpse and burial and decided to stay in Ouro Branco and miss the 7-days mass which is the tradition here.  I stayed at the house of my friend Thais and it was the first time I’ve ever seen Ouro Branco’s main avenue so packed with people from all of the neighboring cities.

Carnaval is probably the most important thing on the Brazilian calendar.  You can imagine what goes on during Carnaval…

Thais and me

Thais, Camila, me

Thais wanted to cut herself out.. =p


3 Responses to “Pre-Carnaval Ouro Branco”

  1. brazil is probably the first place i want to go once i get a chance to travel… do you go to NYU?

    • You really should travel around Brazil, it’s amazing how much the country varies as you go North to South. I’m going to NYU in the fall. and you??

  2. 3 kay

    What a bunch of beautiful people!

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