Carnaval in Cabo Frio


Carnaval was like a week of a porky pig’s fest.  Not that it’s a bad thing or anything. I’m just figuring out that partying just might be the #1 national interest (well, maybe after beer) of these people and after 8 months of being here, that kind of makes me sick.

Buuuut in all its glory, I heard classic Carnaval songs that play every.single.year as well as saw a parade of the famous Recife “bunhecas” or dolls.  I took a picture with one which you can see below.

It occurred to me that Brazilian men love heels, dresses, and makeup.  They actually wait the entire year to dress up as a beautified woman for the 4 days of Carnaval.  They look like this.

We were able to see 2 neighboring beach towns one being called Buzios and the other Arrail do Cabo.  Both of them didn’t have carnaval.  Buzios is an artisan tourist town that was full of Europeans and Argentinans.  It’s really charming and there are great restaurants and boutiques to shop in.  Arrail do Cabo is known for the beautiful beaches with freezing water.  Thank God we went there on the only sunny day we had.

The rest was just everything I expected.  The first two days of carnaval, people are already drunk, adults and teenagers already loose some of their integrity, guys are already assaulting girls for a kiss, people are selling all kinds of things to rip you off, but that’s Brazil… even more-so, Cariocas.  It’s great for the first few hours because all of the music is new.  But if you’re unlucky to be with someone who never gets tired and doesn’t think that the parties are dragging at all, you would have gotten tired like I did.  That’s why going to Buzios and Arrail do Cabo were ideal for me since they were a lot more peaceful.  The last days were just monotonous to me and the city was so revolting I didn’t even want to wear my shoes on the sidewalk.

I met some really nice kids that I still keep in touch with via facebook (like the guys who were our neighbors below).  I’m expecting a lot of visitors in Nyc since everyone here has found a place to stay and leech off of (just kidding).  I jumped off of some rocks into the deeper part of the sea and that was fun regardless of how many times I cut my hands trying to get back on the rocks.

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    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

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