Bucket List

If I accomplish any of these things while I’m in Brazil, I’ll cross them out on the list.
I want to complete the list before I’m 40, ideally.

1. Live abroad for most of my upcoming youth (hopefully in Latin America and Southeast Asia mostly)
2. Sky dive
3. Bungee Jump
4. lose a lot of weight on a liquid diet
5. gain it all back eating really good food
6. drive on the German autobahn
7. Jump off a waterfall
8. Learn to climb really steep cliffs
9. Beat a criminal in action senseless
10. Eat a lot of weird foods
11. Shave my head completely bald and look good like Natalie Portman
12. Attend a Jewish wedding
13. Learn how to shoot a rifle
14. Perform in a lounge or Tapas bar in Spain dancing flamenco
15. Dance the samba in a team in Rio’s carnaval
16. Speak 4-5 languages fluently before 26 years old
17. Be financially comfortable but never physically comfortable in an environment
18. Do missionary work in India and the favelas
19. Adopt children
20. Sail the waters of the Mediterranean sea for days.
21. Go white water rafting
22. raft through caves and everything else in New Zealand
23. see the aurora borealis
24. know what career I want and make it involve a lot of travel
25. Meet Anthony Bourdain and eat dinner with him
26. travel on a cargo truck with Africans in Africa
27. Go to a nudist beach outside of Florida
28. Master the art of Vietnamese cuisine
29. Eat a ft long burrito.
30. Own a really smart tropical parrot
31. Walk up the entire Chancellor Hill in Trinidad
32. Go on a spiritual journey
33. Take a BMW motorbike for a year long trip from LA to the Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and then all the way back up Brasil to Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia! Not by myself of course, only if I find a partner.
34. Find a partner who will do all of these crazy free spirited things with me before I’m 40.
35. Have a stack of money like Tony Montana in $1s
36. Go to a luao and spend the weekend on the beach
37. Get a tattoo in Brasil 05/21/2011
38. Get my nose pierced 12/23/2010
39. Host AFS exchange students for 5 years straight… wherever I may be by then..
40. Be a raw foodist for one year
41. Have a tight rock hard body
42. Forgive, accept, and love myself completely one day.

I’ll keep adding more as I think of them.


3 Responses to “Bucket List”

  1. Hi Naomi!!!! Sounds like you are settling in!!! NO TATTOOS!!!!! I will kill you!!! I like the doggie. Bomp his nose for me. Be careful with the raw foods!!! (Parasites!!!) I love you and miss you so much. Daniel is sending me one of those errish skyp cameras so we can see each other. I read all your notes on Bucket list?? Is that what it’s called. Make sure and e-mail me. I will be praying for you with angel wings!!!!!!! Love Aunt Debbie (dirty)


  3. 3 kay

    If you don’t accept and love yourself first, you won’t be as successful in what you want to achieve because you will always feel inadequate. And you are so not inadequate girl!!!

    Do you think of Nappy? He asked me for you.

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