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I’ve been in Brazil for over 9 weeks now, but the relationships I have here make me feel like I’ve been here for years.  I have good friends, a good host family who I can act dorky around (and my real family knows just how dorky I can be).  And although some people call me […]

So yesterday was the end of the Arrival Orientation for all of the exchange students in Minas Gerais and I miss them, they’re some really great people. All of the exchange students arrived to Ouro Branco from different cities around Minas Gerais including Varginha, Patos de Minas, Capelinha, Belo Horizonte, and Montes Claros.  On Friday […]



In case you didn’t know, Brazil has a lot of holidays.  Last Tuesday was Brazilian Independence Day so that meant a 4 day weekend.  Students still take the rest of the week off because it doesn’t make much sense (to them) to go to school for only three days.  It doesn’t apply to me anyway, […]

So my exchange started with a weekend to Belo Horizonte and a farewell party with teenagers my age acting like, well, Brazilians teenagers. And now, my exchange has slowed down a bit. I guess it’s because I arrived at the end of the 2 week ferias (vacation) and they were still in the ferias-party mode. […]

This weekend was pretty much dedicated to visiting old friends of my host family, celebrating my host sister’s friend’s birthday 3 days in a row, and saying goodbye to the 2 outbound exchange students in Ouro Branco who are going to Belgium for a year. So starting on Tuesday, Davis, a good friend of Tatiane […]

I arrived here yesterday in the morning after running with my heavy luggage and carry on in 2 airports.  I can’t say the organization of the travel was so great but at least I’ve arrived without being left behind or losing anything 🙂  The oreintation in Miami was great though and I am sad to […]

I get the sense that I’m still going to feel like I’m in Brazil which makes me really happy.